Why Alchemical Marriage?

Alchemy is, in the corporeal, a sacred act of combining base metals in perfect measure and harmonic union to transmute into gold.  Within the studies of metaphysics, hermeticism and gnosticism, it is a primordial divine unison of two polar opposites, moreover – the Divine Masculine + Divine Feminine, in order to perform the Great Work (one’s true Will and higher purpose), reach a higher level of consciousness and to co-create & give birth to something entirely original (be that an idea, plan, action, object, child or star).  Typified as the quintessence of relationships exhibiting this phenomenon is that between Jesus and the Holy Spirit (Sophia), believed to have been embodied by Mary Magdalen.


Alchemy is sacred to us and our relationship. As are other hermetic archetypes, like those of the Tarot. April fool’s day is so named to commemorate the archetype of The Fool of the Tarot, and by his virtue the beginning of spring and the sign of Aries (Ashton’s astrological Sun sign). The Star card of the Tarot itself is archetype of Sophia, Ishtar (the ancient Mesopotamian Goddess and origin of Easter) and the sign of Aquarius (Séana’s astrological sun sign). The Emperor (another Tarot Card ruled by Aries) and The Star have also been speculated to have been switched places on the Tree of Life by some wise prophets, philosophers, magi and students.

We bear witness to synchronicities daily (even hourly), one of the most common being the repetition of witnessing the numbers 411 and 4111. The synchronicity of Easter aligning with April Fool’s day within the timeframe we had idealized for our own Holy Matrimony, exhibiting too the synchronistic numbers of 411 and 4111 (April 1st, 2018 [2+0+1+8=11]) and the presence of a Full Moon at 12:00pm when the Sun is highest in the sky, were too meaningful and significant a date and time for us to not choose for our Bastrop Betrothal.


Bastrop State Park itself was where Ashton had proposed to Séana on February 21st, 2015 as we camped on a quiet and clear starry night with roaring fire and Bob Dylan’s (feat. Johnny Cash) Girl from North Country and Johnny Cash’s Ring of Fire playing in the background. It could not have been more perfect for us. The park’s own motto is Rising from the Ashes, in homage to the fire that claimed it and Bastrop county communities back in 2011.  We can’t wait to re-embody the beauty of it with you come Easter + April Fool’s as we conjoin under one name + home, and finally close the gap!!!